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Florida's Sea Turtles

Diagram of Sea turtles

Five species of sea turtles are found swimming in Florida's waters and nesting on Florida's beaches. All sea turtles found in Florida are protected under state statutes.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Marine Turtle Programs
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's (FWC) Marine Turtle Program studies the life histories, population biology, ecology, behavior, and migrations of sea turtles.

Species of Sea Turtles Found in Florida
This excerpt of the sea turtle Sea Stats publication describes the five species of sea turtles found in Florida waters.

The History and Life of a Sea Turtle
This summary life history of sea turtles, an excerpt of the sea turtle Sea Stats publication, includes information about age, growth, and reproduction.

Help Support Florida’s Sea Turtle Program
Purchasing license plates and decals are two easy ways you can contribute to the sea turtle protection effort. Proceeds go toward the Marine Resources Conservation Trust Fund.

Sea Turtle Fun Pack
Download coloring pages, mazes, a word find, and crossword puzzle-great for all ages!

What to do if You See a Sea Turtle
This article contains tips and suggestions for what you should do if you encounter a sea turtle nesting on a beach.

Sea Turtle FAQ
Do you have questions about sea turtles? Read the sea turtle FAQ for answers.