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The State Reef Fish Survey at a Glance

One Survey - Two Components

Infographic explaining information collected from the State Reef Fish Survey mail and dockside surveys.

Anglers and divers in Florida are required to possess the State Reef Fish Angler designation when fishing for certain reef fish species from a private recreational boat.

State Reef Fish Anglers may periodically be asked to take part in a voluntary survey that provides important information needed to monitor the fishery and provide optimum recreational fishing opportunities in Florida.

The State Reef Fish Survey consists of two components: a mail survey and dockside interviews. The mail survey collects information on recreational fishing trips and the types of reef fishes and other species that were targeted over the most recent month. During dockside surveys, anglers are interviewed in person to collect detailed information on the numbers and types of fish caught and released during their trip that day. Combined, these two components are used to provide precise estimates of the number of recreational fishing trips taken and the total numbers of reef fishes that are harvested and released each month from Florida.

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