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Find information on other species of fish. Read fisheries FAQs. Learn about catch-and-release fishing or the difference between circle and "J" hooks.


The Difference Between Circle and “J” Hooks
The results of a bibliographic search comparing the effects of circle and "J" hooks provide information about the advantages and disadvantages of using each type of hook.

Fisheries FAQ
Do you have general fisheries questions? Read the fisheries FAQ for answers.

Marine Fisheries Management
FWC maintains a Web site that contains information about management of Florida's popular saltwater fisheries.

Sea Lampreys
Are sea lampreys hitchhiking to Florida?

The ACCSP Launches its Online Data Management System
Public users can now access Atlantic coastal fisheries data used by resource managers.

Movement Ecology and Reproductive Resilience (MERR) Laboratory Publications
Read articles published by the Movement Ecology and Reproductive Resilience (MERR) Laboratory since 2003 on a variety of species including spotted seatrout, sand seatrout, red drum, gag grouper, red snapper, and snook.

Marine Fish Feeding: Why the FWC Thinks It’s Bad for Everyone
In 2001, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) unanimously voted to prohibit divers from feeding marine life in Florida.