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Blue Crab Research at the Institute
Crustacean researchers gather biological and population data to assess the health of the blue crab fishery.

The Life Cycle of A Blue Crab in Florida
Follow a female blue crab throughout her life.

Health Assessment of Blue Crab in Tampa Bay
A project to study blue crab health in Tampa Bay from August 2006 through August 2007.

Blue Crab FAQ
Do you have questions about blue crabs? Read the blue crab FAQ for answers.

Species Account for Blue Crab
A species account for blue crab (Callinectes sapidus) in Florida.

Blue Crab Stock Assessment
A report to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission Division of Marine Fisheries Management: a summary on the life history and ecology of blue crab, especially information about Florida's blue crab populations.

Glossary of Crustacean Terms
Check the crustacean glossary for definitions of terms used in our articles and elsewhere.

Commercial Regulations for Blue Crab
View the current commercial fishing regulations for blue crab.

Recreational Blue Crabbing
View the current recreational fishing regulations for blue crab.