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Joe Budd Wildlife Management Area

Things to Do

Enjoy hunting, fishing and wildlife viewing, as well as exploration of diverse habitats by foot, bicycle or horse.


In the spring, the rare orange azalea and silky-camellia bloom in the slope forests, and hooded and Swainson's warblers call in the pine-oak forest.

Habitat and Management

Joe Budd features a wide diversity of forest community types; most exemplary are a stand of old-growth longleaf pine on the Budd tract and slope forests along Little River.


This lakefront site attracted Native Americans over 1500 years ago. Prior to state purchase, it was valued for crop production, timbering and cattle grazing.

Planning Your Visit

Joe Budd WMA is located in Gadsden County about five miles south of Quincy and 10 miles west of Tallahassee, along County Road 268.

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