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Branan Field - Planning Your Visit

To stay up to date on FWC facility, office and managed areas closures please monitor our notices page.

Notices Page

Helpful Information

view of hardwoods

Hiking is best in the fall through the spring when temperatures are lower and bugs fewer.  Watch year-round for gopher tortoises, fox squirrels, Bachman’s sparrows, eastern towhees, eastern bluebirds, wild turkeys and white-tailed deer. Seasonal specialties include migratory warblers in the spring and fall and swallow-tailed kites in the summer.

Get directions by selecting an entrance icon on the entrance finder map.

  • Download the Branan Field WEA Trail Guide.
  • No dogs or other pets are permitted on this area.
  • No daily-use permit is required. No hunting or fishing is allowed on this area.
  • Restrooms are not available at this location.
  • Foot traffic only; vehicles and bikes are not permitted on trails at Branan Field. There is one entrance, with limited parking, onto the public-use area.