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Temporary Exclusion

Temporary Exclusion Permit for Major Linear Utility Corridors

Gopher tortoise walking

The Temporary Exclusion permit authorizes on-site relocation of gopher tortoises exclusively for activities associated with the installation or maintenance of major linear utility transmission lines. This permit applies to situations that require the temporary exclusion of tortoises from the utility construction corridor, and where habitats within the corridor will be restored to provide suitable habitat for tortoises following completion of the utility installation or maintenance.

Requirements for Temporary Exclusion permits

In accordance with the requirements of Rules 68A-25.002 and 68A-27.003 (F.A.C.), a permit for a gopher tortoise capture/relocation/release activity must be secured from FWC before initiating any relocation work. An authorized gopher tortoise agent is required for all capture and relocation activities associated with this permit. Authorized agents may assist the landowner or developer in obtaining the required relocation permit. Before issuance of the permit, mitigation contributions for a Temporary Exclusion permit representing 100% of the estimated total amount due will be submitted. A variable scale for these contributions is based on the length of time that the tortoises will be excluded from the project site.

Apply for a Temporary Exclusion permit

If you are interested in applying for a Temporary Exclusion permit, please visit the FWC online permitting site. You can also access the system to check the status of a submitted application. 

Refer to the permit application checklist for a list of items that will be needed to complete the online application process. Complete applications should be submitted at least 90 days prior to the time needed, although most applications will be processed in 45 days or less. Timely issuance of permits is dependent on receiving all of the required documentation.

Refund Request

Permittees may be eligible for a refund once relocation activities have been completed, the after action report submitted, and if the actual number of gopher tortoises relocated was less than the number permitted. Refund requests will be processed only after the final after action report is accepted by the FWC. A refund request form must be submitted to the FWC within 60 days of the date the final after action report is accepted. Forms submitted more than 60 days after FWC acceptance of the final after action report will not be eligible for a refund.

More Information

For all requirements related to the Temporary Exclusion permit, please download a copy of the Gopher Tortoise Permitting Guidelines. 

If you have questions on gopher tortoise permitting, please contact the gopher tortoise conservation biologist in your region.

To request accommodations, please email Kirsten Hecht, Communications Coordinator.