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Gopher Tortoise Contacts

For questions or general information about gopher tortoises, please contact your FWC regional office.

FWC regional map

Tallahassee (statewide)

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Attn Gopher Tortoise Conservation Program
620 South Meridian Street (Mail Station 2A)
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1600

For general questions about living with gopher tortoises and tortoises in urban areas, call Kearstin Hess, Assistant Gopher Tortoise Biologist at (850) 921-1030

For general questions related to gopher tortoise permitting, call Tara vonBodungen, Program Assistant at (850) 921-1031

Gopher Tortoise Program Administration

Deborah Burr, Gopher Tortoise Program Coordinator 
(850) 921-1030

Assistant Gopher Tortoise Program Coordinator

Kate Gentry, PhD.
(850) 921-1028

Local Governments, Waif tortoises, and Interns

Alex Kalfin, Local Government, Waif Tortoise, and Intern Program Coordinator
(850) 921-1030

Monitoring and Mapping

Michelina Dziadzio, Gopher Tortoise GIS and Monitoring Coordinator
(850) 921-1030