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Gopher Tortoise Contacts

For questions or general information about gopher tortoises, please contact FWC’s Gopher Tortoise Conservation Program at (850) 921-1030.

FWC regional map

Tallahassee (statewide)

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Attn Gopher Tortoise Conservation Program
620 South Meridian Street (Mail Station 2A)
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1600

For general questions about living with gopher tortoises and tortoises in urban areas call the Assistant Gopher Tortoise Biologist at (850) 921-1030

For general questions related to gopher tortoise permitting, call Tara vonBodungen, Program Assistant at (850) 921-1031

Gopher Tortoise Program Administration

Katherine Gentry, PhD, Gopher Tortoise Program Coordinator 
(850) 921-1028

Local Governments, Waif tortoises, and Interns

Alex Kalfin, Local Government, Waif Tortoise, and Intern Program Coordinator
(850) 921-1030

Monitoring and Mapping

Michelina Dziadzio, Gopher Tortoise GIS and Monitoring Coordinator
(850) 921-1030