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Frequently Asked Questions for Registered Agents

What exactly is a "Registered Agent"?

The registered agent process sets up a user account for a person that is doing business on the behalf of a landowner. These automatically issued credentials allow you to apply for permits on behalf of the landowner that do not require the use of an Authorized Gopher Tortoise Agent. Applying to become a registered agent is easy. To become a Registered Agent, log in to the online permitting system. Select "apply for a new permit". From the drop down menu, select "Registered Agent". Once you apply and submit for this registration, the issuance is automatic.


Do I need to set up a user account for each application submitted?

No. You only need to set up a user profile and obtain Registered Agent status one time. You should keep a record of your log in information and password for all subsequent permit applications.


Will I need to take e-Learning each time I apply for a permit on behalf of a property owner?

No. Once you have taken e-Learning as a Registered Agent, the online system should recognize your credentials and allow you to submit any subsequent 10 or Fewer Burrows permit applications.


What if I have taken e-Learning previously and get an error message that states that I am an "Invalid Agent or Consultant" or "Consultant has not completed the e-Learning course" when I try to apply for subsequent permits?

If you registered previously and completed the e-Learning curriculum from a separate user account, the online system will not recognize your credentials. If you cannot access your previous online user account, please contact your regional gopher tortoise conservation biologist to assist you in retrieving your log in and password.

All other gopher tortoise permits require that a consultant have an Authorized Gopher Tortoise Agent permit. If you are applying for a gopher tortoise permit that is not a 10 or Fewer Burrows permit as a consultant, you will also see this error message. For more information, please refer to the Gopher Tortoise Permitting Guidelines.


This process seems complicated. Can I send in a paper application?

Yes. However, all applications have to be entered into the online system to be processed. This includes applications sent in by mail. For expediency, submitting your application online is recommended.


I am a consultant. Can I also be the applicant?

Only property owners can be listed as the applicant.


I have obtained Registered Agent status, have passed the e-Learning quiz and have started a new application. When I try to save or submit the application, a message appears at the top of the screen stating "Contact information is required for the Applicant". What does this mean?

Either the applicant profile has not been created or the applicant profile has not been linked to the application. To resolve this problem you will need to register a new applicant.


How do I register a new applicant?

Under the "Contact" tab, you should see two buttons under the "Applicant" sub tab. If you have not previously registered the applicant (i.e. the property owner) click on "Register New Applicant". You will need to have available the applicant's physical and mailing addresses, phone and fax numbers, email address (if applicable), driver's license number and state of issuance. If the applicant is a business, you will need the FEID number of the business, contact name and phone and fax numbers.


I just registered a new applicant. How do I link them to the application?

From the application "Contact" tab, select "Link Applicant". Search for the applicant that you registered. Once you find them in the search results, click on the applicant and their information will populate the applicant contact tab.