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How Florida’s Snook Permit Benefits Florida’s Snook Population

Snook Permit Benefits

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Per 379.354(8)(c) of the Florida Statutes, revenue generated from the sale of snook permits is used exclusively for programs to benefit the snook population.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's (FWC) Fish and Wildlife Research Institute (FWRI) scientists conduct research and monitoring activities focused on improving the quality of biological and fisheries data being collected on common snook to ensure that these magnificent fish continue to thrive in Florida's bays and estuaries for generations to come.

Major Programs Funded by the Snook Permit fee are:

  • Stock enhancement - Researchers are testing techniques to spawn snook in hatcheries for stock enhancement purposes.
  • Snook tagging program - Biologists monitor the movements, habitat use, and survival of adult snook tagged with external dart tags, as well as with internal ultrasonic transmitters (also known as acoustic tags).
  • Fisheries-independent sampling - Biologists conduct monthly sampling in four Florida estuaries where common snook are typically abundant: Tampa Bay, Charlotte Harbor, and the southern and northern portions of the Indian River Lagoon.
  • Fisheries-dependent sampling - This project involves researchers collecting snook-related information through creel, or angler surveys and through an angler-based logbook program

To learn more about snook biology and research projects conducted by FWRI, visit their snook page.

If you would like to continue to support these snook programs please purchase a snook permit.