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Long-term tagging research carried out over the past several years has proven to be a valuable tool in helping to understand the life history of snook (Centropomus spp.).

A Sketch of the Common Snook in Florida
The common snook, Centropomus undecimalis, is one of Florida's most popular inshore game fish because of its spectacular fighting ability and merit as table fare.

Common Snook Stock Assessment
The stock assessment report for common snook provides updated life histories, biology and fishery information, as well as commercial landings, recreational catch, and additional statistical information.

Snook Sea Stats Publication
This summary life history of snook, (Centropomus spp.) includes information about age and growth, distribution and migration, and feeding habits.

Snook Anglers Asked to Help with Research
Scientists with the FWC's Fish and Wildlife Research Institute collect valuable biological data from anglers for studies of the common snook, Centropomus undecimalis.

Observed Weights of Florida’s Common Snook From Known Length and Weight Data
This article provides a table of information about the observed relationship between snook length and weight.

Cryptic Mortality and Its Effects
Angler care when handling and releasing snook will dramatically reduce the harmful effects of cryptic mortality.

Techniques to Reduce Catch-and-Release Mortality
Learn how you can help reduce catch-and-release mortality.

What to Do if You Catch a Tagged Snook
The Angler Tag Return Hotline is designed to collect data from anglers regarding tagged fish that have been captured or sighted in Florida waters.

Snook Symposium 2021
On June 30, 2021, the FWC hosted a day-long public discussion about snook research and management in Florida.