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Guide to Waterfowl Hunting in Florida

Duck hunter overlooking the water

Waterfowl habitat covers vast expanses of Florida, and much of it is open and available for public hunting. This guide introduces the reader to waterfowl hunting in Florida and identifies popular hunting areas. In addition, it offers information about hunting other migratory game birds such as dove, snipe, woodcock, rails and common gallinule (moorhen).

Florida is a great place to hunt waterfowl with easy public access and a hunter success rate that is well above other states in the Atlantic Flyway. Good management helps ensure that Florida’s waterfowl populations are robust and healthy. This allows for long-term, sustainable hunting opportunities and continues Florida’s waterfowl hunting tradition.

Questions about migratory gamebirds or hunting regulations can be emailed to the FWC’s Waterfowl and Small Game Management Office at