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License Plates

Show your love for Florida's wildlife everywhere you go with a specialty license plate, available at your local Tax Collector's office. When you buy a plate, the proceeds go directly to conservation projects throughout the state. 

Conserve Wildlife

Conserve wildlife license plate artwork showing a black bear, bird, trees, and waterway

Show your support for Florida's wildlife with the Conserve Wildlife Tag! Proceeds from this plate go to the Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida and support research and conservation for many species including black bears, indigo snakes, and endangered Florida grasshopper sparrows. 

Save the Manatee

manatee license plate artwork

When you purchase a Save the Manatee tag, you're contributing directly to the Save the Manatee Trust Fund. The Trust Fund is a key source of funding for the State's manatee-related research, rescue, and conservation activities. 

Protect the Panther

2023 Panther Plate

When you buy a Protect the Panther tag, your donation goes directly to supporting the research and management of Florida panthers.

Help Sea Turtles Survive

Make a difference for sea turtles by purchasing a Helping Sea Turtles Survive tag. Proceeds go to the Marine Resources Conservation Trust Fund, which supports sea turtle research and conservation.

Manatee & Sea Turtle Decals

Another great way to show your support for wildlife conservation is by purchasing manatee or sea turtle decals. These high quality decals will look great on your boat, car or laptop. Get yours by making a donation of $5.00 or more at your local Florida Tax Collector's Office. Proceeds go directly to manatee and sea turtle conservation and research.