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Conserve Wildlife License Plate

Conserve wildlife license plate artwork showing a black bear, bird, trees, and waterway

The Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida’s (Foundation) Conserve Wildlife Florida license plate, which features the image of a Florida black bear, supports the conservation of bears as well as rare and nongame species like indigo snakes and Florida grasshopper sparrows. A redesign of the plate is available for purchase now, please see details below.

Where Does My Fee Go?

The fee collected during the purchase of your Conserve Wildlife license plate goes directly to the Foundation’s Conserve Wildlife Tag Grant Program. Grants benefit a wide variety of wildlife species, from black bears and indigo snakes to endangered Florida grasshopper sparrows.

What Does My Fee Support?

In 2022, the Foundation's Board of Directors approved 10 grants totaling $383,321 for wildlife conservation. These grants are made to the FWC or its partners via the FWC.

Conserve Wildlife Tag grants

How Do I Purchase a Plate?

There are two ways to purchase a Conserve Wildlife plate.

  1. Order your Conserve Wildlife plate online.
  2. Visit your local Tax Collector's office.

How Else Can I Donate to Florida’s Wildlife Conservation Efforts?

Want to support Florida’s wildlife conservation efforts but are unable to purchase a license plate? Consider a donation to the Foundation. Your gift to the Conserving Florida’s Wildlife Fund supports the protection of Florida’s beautiful landscape and wildlife.

Donate to the Conserving Florida’s Wildlife Fund