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Through partnership and cooperation, we can address the challenges facing wildlife today.

The former Florida's Wildlife Legacy Initiative, and now Wildlife Diversity Conservation section, is actively engaged in building and participating in strong conservation partnerships. All projects receiving support from the State Wildlife Grants Program have a partnership component. The following list highlights successful inter-agency and public-private partnerships:

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Coordination and cooperation are essential to achieving actions that will benefit wildlife and their habitats. Sharing priorities and working together to pool resources is the most effective approach for conserving wildlife!

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Use the Action Plan: The State Wildlife Action Plan was developed by diverse groups and individuals with a stake in wildlife conservation and represents common ground for conserving Florida's wildlife and their habitats. The Action Plan can be used as a resource for information on Florida's species and habitats as well as to identify conservation actions you can undertake.

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Apply for Funding

Florida's State Wildlife Grants Program provides funding for projects to implement the Action Plan.

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Participate in Partnerships: We encourage you to participate in partnership efforts by attending meetings to develop shared priorities or to help implement ongoing or new projects. In the future, we will invite you to share information to update and improve the Action Plan.

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Support Funding for Action Plan Implementation

You can support funding for State Wildlife Action Plan implementation by supporting the Alliance for America's Fish and Wildlife coalition. This effort represents the strong partnership consisting of members representing the outdoor recreation industry, retail and manufacturing sector, the energy and automotive industries, private landowners, educational institutions, conservation organizations, sportsmen’s groups, and state and federal fish and wildlife agencies. The goal is to prevent wildlife from becoming endangered by supporting increased state and federal funding for wildlife conservation. 

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