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Breeding Bird Atlas

The Atlas project attempted to record the breeding distributions of all bird species in the state during 1986-1991. The Atlas project was a collaborative effort of Florida Audubon Society (now Audubon of Florida), the Florida Ornithological Society, and the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission. More than 1,880 participants, most of them volunteers, were involved in conducting surveys and compiling data. 196 species were confirmed breeding, and another 19 species were found to be probable or possible breeders in the state.


This resource is based on the following source:
Kale, H. W., II, B. Pranty, B. M. Stith, and C. W. Biggs. 1992. The atlas of the breeding birds of Florida. Final Report. Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission, Tallahassee, Florida.

This resource can be cited as:
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. 2003, January 6. Florida's breeding bird atlas: A collaborative study of Florida's birdlife. (Date accessed mm/dd/yyyy).