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Crowded leaves of Salvinia molesta floating in water

Image Credit: Keith Bradley, Botanist/Conservation Biologist,

Giant Salvinia

Giant Salvinia is a free-floating aquatic fern that is most easily recognizable by its rows of “hairs” with four branches that join at the tip creating an “eggbeater” appearance. It is currently spreading rapidly in waterbodies in the Southeastern U.S. including Florida.

Call to Action

What can you do to help protect Florida waters?

Report giant salvinia sightings! Call the FWC Invasive Plant Management office at 1-850-617-9430 

Do not plant or transport giant salvinia. It is prohibited in the United States by Federal law.

Clean, drain, and dry all gear completely before entering another water body. It is easier and much cheaper to prevent an invasive plant from entering a waterbody than it is to manage after it becomes established. 

Report Immediately

Please report all plant Early Detection Rapid Response sightings immediately to the FWC Invasive Plant Management office at 1-850-617-9430