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Early Detection Rapid Response

Report Immediately

Please report all Early Detection Rapid Response plant sightings immediately to the FWC Invasive Plant Management office at 850-617-9430

Early Detection Rapid Response (EDRR) is a program designed to help prevent and stop the spread of an invasive plant or animal before it has a chance to cause harm. In Florida waterbodies, once an invasive plant becomes established it is very hard to eradicate. Preventing invasive plants from spreading is our best chance at protecting Florida waters. As soon as a new EDRR sighting is reported, the FWC works with other local agencies to verify and remove the harmful invasive plant before it has time to establish and spread. 

Giant Salvinia

Giant salvinia (salvinia molesta) is currently invading waterbodies in the Southeastern U.S. and has the potential to rapidly invade and infest Florida’s ponds, lakes, and rivers. It has caused severe economic and environmental problems in Texas and Louisiana. Help protect our aquatic resources, watch out for and immediately report giant salvinia infestations. If you have seen this plant in cultivation or in the wild, please contact the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission at 850-617-9430.

Giant Salvinia
Crowded leaves of Salvinia molesta floating in water

Image Credit: Keith Bradley, Botanist/Conservation Biologist,

Call to Action

What can you do to help protect Florida waters?

Report all plant EDRR sightings!

Do not plant or transport invasive plants.

Clean, drain, and dry all gear completely before entering another water body. It is easier and much cheaper to prevent an invasive plant from entering a waterbody than it is to manage after it becomes established. 


How to Report

If you see an EDRR plant in a Florida waterbody, immediately report it to

When reporting please include:

  1. A photograph showing the plant that is not blurry and has a high enough resolution so that it can be enlarged to ensure species identification
  2. The location where the species was seen. GPS coordinates are best, but the location can also be a detailed description of the area and waterbody name
  3. The date when the plant was seen.

You can report any other information that you think is valuable.


You can report all EDRR invasive plants by calling the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Invasive Plant Management office at 1-850-617-9430.



You can report sightings of EDRR plants to the IveGot1 web form, which was developed by The University of Georgia’s Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health. The form will prompt you for the information and has a map where you can select the location if you do not have the GPS coordinates. You will need to create a free account the first time you report a sighting online.

You can download the free IveGot1 app for your smartphone. The app is available for iPhone and Android phones by searching for "IveGot1" at the appropriate app store.