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Right Whale Information

Learn about North Atlantic right whales and what to do if you spot one of these critically endangered animals.

North Atlantic Right Whales
The North Atlantic right whale, Eubalaena glacialis, is one of the most endangered large whales. Learn about the current conservation efforts in effect in the southeast.

North Atlantic Right Whale Sea Stats Publication
This life history summary of the North Atlantic right whale, Eubalaena glacialis, includes information about age and growth, distribution and migration, and feeding habits.

North Atlantic Right Whale Poster
View, print or order this educational poster about right whales which includes information about their unique characteristics, conservation and tips on how you can help!

What to do if You See a Right Whale
Do you know what to do if you see a right whale?

Right Whale Sighting Map
View an interactive map of historical and recent right whale sightings.

North Atlantic Right Whale Fact Sheet
Quick reference guide with information about right whale identification, behavior, and biology.

Marine Mammal Publications
View a bibliography of publications by staff members in the marine mammal subsection.