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Many-Lined Salamander Status & Distribution

larval many-lined salamander by Pierson Hill

The many-lined salamander (Stereochilus marginatus) is a Species of Greatest Conservation Need in Florida, where it reaches the southern periphery of its geographic range. The species has only been found in four counties (Baker, Columbia, Nassau, and Union) in the extreme northeast portion of the state and is restricted to the St. Marys and Nassau River drainages. Many-lined salamanders are highly aquatic and inhabit a variety of permanent wetland habitats. Most Florida records are from the 1970’s and 1980’s, primarily from sampling efforts at stream crossings in Osceola National Forest. The last recorded documentation of many-lined salamanders in Florida is from 1991, with occasional attempts to confirm their persistence being unsuccessful. There has been growing concern the species may be extirpated from the state. We are clarifying the status and distribution of many-lined salamanders in Florida by surveying previously known localities and other potentially suitable habitat.

This project started in January 2022. Stay tuned to learn what we find!