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Atlas of Amphibians & Reptiles in Florida

gopher frog

Fish and Wildlife Research Institute staff, in collaboration with Kenneth Krysko of the Florida Museum of Natural History, completed a three-year State Wildlife Grant to produce an Atlas of Amphibians and Reptiles in Florida. Researchers determined the locations (latitude and longitude) of 134,404 vouchered records (verified with specimens or photographs) from 58 museums or other institutions and 43,319 unvouchered (unverified) records from scientific and popular literature, reports and credible survey databases. With these data, staff generated distributional maps for 142 native and 56 nonnative species of amphibians and reptiles known to occur in Florida. They also prepared a species account for each, which included: a brief discussion of the geographic distribution, including the number of vouchered records and counties in which it has been found, potential counties of occurrence, and identification errors; the earliest known voucher; taxonomy (if changed recently); and at least two photographs.