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iTag Network

iTAG 2017 Meeting
Leaders in acoustic telemetry at the global, national, and regional scale were brought together at the 3rd iTAG meeting (May 24-25, 2017) at FWRI to discuss ways that iTAG can facilitate integrative tracking and its application to effective resource management in the Gulf of Mexico.

iTAG Receiver Map
Locations of iTAG members’ active telemetry research projects are displayed in the following map. Each research project is represented by a singular mark displayed as a fish graphic and is the average GPS of the receivers composing the array. Details of the project, including the number of receivers, species tagged, and lead scientist(s), are accessible by clicking on the fish graphics.

Orphan Tag Database
A benefit of iTAG membership is the use of the orphan tag database to search for tags on other members’ arrays as well as upload orphan tag detections from one’s own array(s).

iTAG 2015 Meeting
The 2nd annual iTAG meeting concluded on October 30, 2015 after two productive days of scientific talks and group discussion centric to building an effective telemetry network in the Gulf of Mexico.