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Aquaculture in the Classroom

students next to fish tank

The FWC’s Aquaculture in the Classroom Program engages students in activities that help them learn about stock enhancement and its role in supporting Florida’s marine fisheries. The program is designed for students ranging from fifth grade through college, teaching them the fundamentals of marine aquaculture, research and how to become stewards of natural resources. Students will have the opportunity to design aquaculture (fish-raising) systems, perform daily animal husbandry (care) routines and conduct research projects.

The FWC’s Marine Fisheries Enhancement Center (MFEC) located in Apollo Beach, FL is currently under construction, but we will be raising fish such as red drum and spotted seatrout intensively in recirculating aquaculture systems. If hatchery fish are available, FWC staff will provide fish fingerlings on loan to teachers and other learning facilities for educational purposes. If hatchery fish are not available, a list of partner facilities will be provided. FWC will also provide starter feed (fish pellets), our expertise and instruction to make this a successful program for your students

FWC staff members work with teachers, who develop a curriculum that satisfies Florida Sunshine State Standards. Students learn basic animal husbandry routines (feeding fish and maintaining fish tanks), Chemistry (water quality such as PH, Temperature, salinity) and science (recording data and making observations).

At the end of the school year, FWC staff members collect the fish fingerlings, which are returned to the hatchery to be used for other outreach and education programs.

To learn more about participating, or to refer a teacher or school for this program, please contact