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Marine Fisheries Stock Enhancement

a side view of a spotted seatrout held in two hands

The Marine Fisheries Stock Enhancement program uses applied research to develop the technology for spawning and rearing fish to enhance or help restore coastal fisheries. The program has spawned and reared red drum, common snook, spotted seatrout, bay scallops, and queen conch.


About Stock Enhancement

a man scoops baby fish from a live well in the back of a boat

In its simplest terms, stock enhancement is the release of hatchery-grown fish into the wild to supplement juvenile fish populations, in the effort to increase fishing opportunities and to help restore and conserve native fish populations. Stocking of saltwater fish has been undertaken for more than 140 years, but a scientific approach for the release of hatchery fish is still a growing science.


Projects and History

a woman pours pellets into a tube positioned above a large black tank

The Fish and Wildlife Research Institute's Marine Fisheries Enhancement Center participates in numerous programs and research efforts designed to support fisheries management work by using hatchery-reared animals to supplement or restore native fisheries populations.

Active Projects

Completed Projects