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Commercial Fisheries--American Eel

Learn about commercial harvesting of the American eel.

American Eels in a cooler

All commercial eel fishers that harvest American eel Anguilla rostrata from the freshwaters of the state of Florida are required to have an American Eel Permit, as well as a commercial fishing license. Reporting of American eel harvest is a mandatory requirement of the permit. Please go to the American Eel Permit article to download a permit application form.

Please refer to Chapter 68A-23.015 of the Florida Administrative Code for regulatory information.

Eel life stages, in order:

Glass eels: transparent juvenile eels that migrate into brackish water from the ocean. In Florida waters, these eels are usually between 1.5- and 2.5-inches in length.

Elvers: glass eels become pigmented as they remain in brackish water or move into fresh waters. In Florida these eels, now known as elvers, are usually between 3-and 9-inches in length and are green-brown in color.

Yellow eels: as elvers grow larger, they transform into sexually immature adults known as yellow eels. They have a yellow-green to olive-brown color. It is at this life stage the eel is often captured in Florida's commercial eel pot fishery.

Silver eels: sexually mature adult eels that are silver in color. They have a thicker skin, a fattened body, and enlarged eyes. These eels migrate out to sea in the fall to reproduce.

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