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Florida anglers pursue the permit (Trachinotus falcatus) from inshore flats to offshore reefs. Research on this popular sport fish is advancing through anglers' assistance with a tagging study.

Tag a Permit for Research Gains
By tagging and genetically sampling permit, catch-and-release anglers can participate in an unprecedented statewide study of the species.

Meet Permit (the Fish, Not a Piece of Paper)
This popular sport fish is often confused with a smaller look-alike, the Florida pompano.

Permit and Florida Pompano Identification
Learn some of the physical characteristics that can help you properly identify permit and Florida pompano.

Permit Status and Trends
A species account for permit (Trachinotus falcatus) in Florida.

Pompano and Permit Sea Stats
This brochures discusses pompano and permit and includes information on appearance, range and habitat, life history, and current research efforts. Also included is a handy table to help aid in telling these two species apart.

A Review of Florida’s Permit Fishery
Permit is a highly sought-after fish in Florida. Learn about the current and historical status of this fishery.