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Scientists in the Crustacean Fisheries program are determining the effectiveness of bycatch-reduction devices in shrimp trawls and are using genetic techniques to determine the stock structure of wild shrimp stocks in Florida.

Shrimp Research at the Fish and Wildlife Research Institute
Learn about FWRI's past shrimp research.

Penaeid Shrimp Species Account
A species account for shrimp (Penaeids) in Florida.

Rock Shrimp Species Accounts
A species account for rock shrimp (Sicyonia brevirostris) in Florida.

Shrimp FAQ
Do you have questions about shrimp? Read the shrimp FAQ for answers.

Shrimp Disease
Reports of discolored and diseased shrimp in the northern Indian River Lagoon pointed researchers to the source of infection.

Glossary of Crustacean Terms
Check the crustacean glossary for definitions of terms.