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Descriptions of Manatee Rescue Categories

Manatee rescues are broken down into nine categories.

Watercraft Collision

Manatees injured by boats, barges, or any type of watercraft. Injury may result from propeller wounds or impact. 


Manatees that have become entangled in the lines of crab traps, monofilament line, or other debris. Entanglement is usually around the flippers and upper body. (Subgroups: Crab trap, Monofilament, and Other)

Entrapment-Human Structure

Manatees that have been trapped by a man-made structure. This includes those animals trapped in power plant intake canals, weirs, and any type of man-made barriers.


Manatees that have ingested man-made material, become snared in hooks, and other types of human caused injury. 

Calf of Rescued Mother

A dependent calf that has been captured because its mother was injured. Calf is usually uninjured, but is dependent on the rescued mother for survival. 

Mother of Rescued Calf

A mother of a dependent calf that has been captured because its calf was injured. Mother is usually uninjured, but the calf is dependent on her for survival. 

Calf by Itself

A calf that was dependent on its mother for survival and was found by itself. This includes those animals 175 cm (under 6 feet) or less and were not attributed to a human caused injury. 


Manatee rescued due to infectious and non-infectious diseases, cold stress, birth complications, natural accidents, and natural catastrophes. 


Manatee rescued for which the underlying cause of injury or illness could not be determined.