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About the GIS and Mapping Group

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Researchers in this section address complex natural resource issues by integrating ecological, cultural and socioeconomic information using statistical and spatial analysis techniques. Staff develop maps and model distribution patterns of fish and wildlife, identify lands and waters that are conservation priorities, and assess economic impacts of recreational activities.

Staff use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) computer software to store, retrieve, analyze, display, and maintain geographic information related to Florida’s fish and wildlife resources. GIS allows FWRI’s scientists to display overlapping geographic information, perform statistical analysis on the data, and provide scientific reports for use in decision making.

What We Do

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  • Manage FWC's statewide GIS library
  • Habitat mapping and remote sensing
  • Spatial analysis and modeling
  • Oil spill planning and emergency response
  • Web map and smartphone app development
  • GIS support for land conservation, climate change, and species management