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FWC Law Enforcement

FWC law enforcement boat

FWC officers and investigators protect fish, wildlife and their habitats as well as Florida’s residents and visitors. They provide service on Florida’s waters and state-owned lands, including wildlife management areas, state parks and state forests. FWC officers patrol more than 34 million acres of state and private lands, protecting game and non-game wildlife, as well as endangered species, like the Florida panther. FWC officers are responsible for patrolling all of Florida’s woods, including public and private lands, as well as its waters, so they must be well versed on a wide variety of topics and information. It is this blend of resource protection and law enforcement that makes the FWC Division of Law Enforcement unique.

Learning Points

  1. Officer’s responsibilities and duties.
  2. Academy and training, including specialty units.
  3. Boating safety.