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MarineQuest 2020 Virtual Program

MarineQuest Virtual School Daze Program

Thank you to all who joined us for virtual MarineQuest School Daze 2020. Session recordings and materials are available on our 2020 School Daze event page.

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MarineQuest Saturday Virtual Event

Thank you for joining us for our MarineQuest 2020 Saturday virtual event. Throughout the day, we visited (virtually) with several of our research programs including right whales, sea turtles, corals, freshwater fish, panthers and more. Each group shared footage from the field and insight into their unique research projects on Florida's many ecosystems, fish and wildlife. 

If you missed any of the sessions, they can be accessed below.

Alligator Biology
The American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis), is Florida’s official state reptile, join us as we speak to our biologist and learn why this is such a unique animal.

Climate Change in Florida
Learn how FWRI researchers study the impacts of climate change on Florida’s ecosystems, fish and wildlife. Researchers will show us a guide they developed, the Climate Adaptation Explorer, to help other scientists and resource managers understand and address the current and future impacts of climate change in Florida.

Coral Rescues and Research
Florida’s Coral Reef is experiencing a disease outbreak. Since 2014, FWRI researchers have monitored the impacts of the disease on corals. Learn how they work with partner organizations to rescue healthy corals and house them in facilities across the country to preserve their genes for future propagation.

Florida Biodiversity Collection
FWRI has a collection of more than one million cataloged, preserved marine specimens. Let’s learn how scientists use these collections as guides to identify animals, as sources for research material, and for educational exhibits.

Florida Panther Research
Florida panther biologists talk about how they track our state’s largest terrestrial mammals, watch trail camera footage, and discuss what they are learning about a disease impacting Florida panthers and bobcats.

Freshwater Fisheries Research
Let’s dive into Silver Glen Springs with our freshwater fisheries biologists and learn how researchers monitor striped bass and other freshwater fisheries populations in Florida using acoustic telemetry and other research methods.

Marine Fisheries Research
FWRI’s Fisheries Independent Monitoring program monitors marine fisheries populations statewide. Here, two biologists explain fish anatomy and physiology, and we will learn about various species’ roles in the food web.

North Atlantic Right Whale Research
North Atlantic right whales are one of the most endangered large whale species in the world. FWRI biologists explain how they monitor populations off Florida’s coasts, what the biggest threats are to these whales, and how you can help.

Sea Turtle Nesting Research
How do researchers keep track of nesting sea turtles on Florida beaches? Here we learn about nesting patterns of different sea turtle species and why Florida is especially important for loggerhead sea turtles.