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Inshore Fisheries Monitoring

Inshore Fisheries Monitoring

two men and one woman in water with net

The Fisheries-Independent Monitoring program’s inshore presentation will follow the life cycle of Red Drum within the Tampa Bay estuary. At each life stage, we will give a brief description of the various habitats these fish utilize and describe how the Fisheries-Independent Monitoring program uses different gear types to target these life stages. Additionally, we will discuss how we catch, measure, and identify the different species that can be encountered in the estuary and why our data are important to fisheries managers.

Learning Points

  1. Demonstrate how the Fisheries-Independent Monitoring program targets multiple selected species and collects data using a stratified random sampling multi-gear design.
  2. Describe how we measure and identify the various species of fish that are encountered in Tampa Bay.
  3. Describe the life history of a red drum in Tampa Bay to demonstrate how sportfish use the estuary as a nursery ground for their development.

Additional Activities