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Fisheries Dependent News 19

Fisheries Dependent News 19

woman with clipboard talking to men with fish

Fisheries Dependent Monitoring (or FDM for short) biologists work outdoors with anglers and fishermen all throughout Florida. To show some footage from biologists in the field, FDM created a pretend news station – “FDM News19” – to give students firsthand answers to the who, what, where, why, and how behind the work we do to monitor Florida’s fisheries. 

During MarineQuest, news anchor Anne Chovvy will be live to guide you through a series of interviews, reports, and videos with FDM scientists playing the roles of biologists, fishermen, and more. You dolphinately don’t want to miss this oh-fish-al FDM news report – it’s a fin-tastic oppor-tuna-ty to learn about Florida’s fisheries and sustainability!

Learning Points

  1. The difference between recreational and commercial fisheries.
  2. We monitor a wide diversity of fisheries across the state of Florida, from Pensacola to Key West and up the Atlantic coast. We study these fisheries by gathering data from recreational and commercial fishers directly and by sampling the fish they catch and keep.
  3. It’s important to study recreational and commercial fisheries in order to manage our fisheries sustainably.

Additional Activities