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Lake Wales Ridge - Planning Your Visit

To stay up to date on FWC facility, office and managed areas closures please monitor our notices page.

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Royce Scraped Scrub Fall Flowers

The most accessible areas of this WEA are the Lake Placid Scrub tract, the Carter Creek tract and the Royce Unit. All three have parking areas and trails. Hunting is permitted on the Royce Unit only. The most comfortable time to visit is during the winter. To see rare plants blooming, visit in late spring or early fall. However, some rare plants do flower during summer.

Get directions by selecting an entrance icon on the entrance finder map.

  • See the Royce Unit regulations summary brochure for hours of operation, public access and vehicle use guidelines specific to this unit.
  • For regulations regarding the Royce Unit Public Small Game Hunting Area, see  Royce Unit PSGHA regulations summary brochure.
  • Download trail map for Lake Placid Scrub Tract.
  • Dogs are permitted, but must be kept under physical restraint at all times. Regulations regarding hunting dogs on Royce are found in the Royce Unit regulations summary brochure.
  • Restrooms are not available.
  • On the Royce Unit, horseback riding is prohibited during periods open to hunting. Special-Use Permits are needed for horseback riding on Carter Creek and Lake Placid Scrub. Horse trailer parking is available only at the Carter Creek Tract.
  • No Daily-Use Permit is required. To hunt or fish you must possess the appropriate license and permit.
  • During scheduled hunt days, all visitors are encouraged to wear a daylight fluorescent orange shirt, vest, jacket and/or hat.

Lake Wales Ridge - Royce Unit Hunt Calendar

View hunting seasons and dates and download a 'Year-at-a-Glance' calendar of hunt days on the area.