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Lafayette Forest - Things to Do

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From family and youth hunts to trail rides and hikes, there is something for the whole family at Lafayette Forest.


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From September through March, hunting opportunities at Lafayette Forest include quota hunt seasons for archery, muzzleloading gun, family hunt, youth turkey, spring turkey and wild hog-still hunts. Quota permits limit the number of hunters accessing the area during all hunting seasons to provide a safe, high-quality-hunting experience.  Quotas are also implemented for game and population management. Check the regulations summary brochure and hunt calendar before you visit.

If you see a sick or abnormally thin deer or deer dead of unknown causes, please report its location to the CWD hotline, (866) CWD-WATCH (293-9282).

Hiking, Biking & Horseback Riding

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Experience Lafayette Forest by exploring marked loop trails. Choose a short 0.3-mile loop or longer 4.5-mile or 4.68-mile loops that follow existing roads and firebreaks. A trailhead and horse trailer parking area is located at the west end of McCalls Chapel Grade near the Mallory Swamp entrance. Keep horses on firebreaks, designated trails and named or numbered roads. 

Wildlife Viewing

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Wildlife viewing is good at most spots on the WEA, especially in and around the wetlands. The diverse birdlife includes the indigo bunting, yellow-billed cuckoo and ruby-throated hummingbird. The hardwood forests provide habitat for white-tailed deer. Clear cut areas on the WEA provide good edge habitat and opportunities to spot wildlife. The drier uplands support numerous gopher tortoise burrows. Visit the Wildlife page for more information about the area's wildlife.