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Upland Pine Forest

The upland pine forest is comprised of longleaf pine and wiregrass, with scattered oaks. Some areas of planted pine are being thinned and restored with native groundcover.


This drier habitat consists of turkey oak, blackjack oak and sand post oak with scattered pines.

Upland Mixed Woodland

This transition habitat between uplands and lowlands features species such as southern red oak, mockernut hickory, post oak, shortleaf pine, longleaf pine and flowering dogwood.

Basin Swamp

Basin swamps are located along the lowlands and drainages. Typical vegetation includes black gum, red maple, wax myrtle and willow.

Floodplain Forest

Along the rivers, the floodplain forest is characterized by hardwoods such as oaks and hickories that provide mast for deer, turkeys, feral hogs and gray squirrels. Other tree species include green ash, sweetgum, red maple, American sycamore, sweetbay magnolia and American hornbeam with a dense understory of greenbriar, poison ivy, and other vines and shrubs.