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Wild Turkey - the ultimate organic feast

Florida’s abundant wild turkey populations can provide the ultimate healthy and delicious meal when knowledge, skill and good fortune come together for a successful wild turkey hunt. Fresh From Florida chefs with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services have developed several mouth-watering wild turkey recipes using a variety of Fresh from Florida products.

Wild turkey meat is lean and contains no preservatives, hormones or antibiotics so it’s a tasty and smart choice for healthy eating. It’s also a versatile protein. Fresh from Florida chefs adapted the following recipes using wild turkey:

Find more recipes at

The Sunshine State is home to robust populations of two wild turkey subspecies: the eastern and the Osceola wild turkey. Florida is unique because the Osceola subspecies lives on the state’s peninsula and nowhere else in the world.

Learn more about wild turkeys including their habitat needs and where they live in Florida.

Turkey hunting in Florida is a chance to experience the outdoors in a special way. The FWC uses scientifically proven wildlife-management strategies and professional expertise to meet conservation objectives and perpetuate sustainable wild turkey hunting opportunities  Learn more about how to get started hunting.