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Lake Walk-In-Water conservation project complete

FWC staff prepares to deploy fish attractors
Media contact: Melody Kilborn, 863-648-3852 or Release Date: 01-26-2021   All Articles Tags:

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) biologists from the Division of Freshwater Fisheries Management are excited to announce that the Lake Walk-In-Water fish attractor refurbishing project is complete. Mossback Fish Habitat™ artificial trees of different sizes and shapes were used to offer habitat variety and provide “off-shore” structure for fish to congregate and anglers to target. Lake Walk-in-Water is 10 miles east of Lake Wales in Polk County.

With help from Polk County Parks and Natural Resources, FWC biologists deployed 40 individual artificial trees at each of the seven fish attractor sites selected throughout the lake for a total of 280 trees deployed. These sites are marked by new, labeled buoys and can be easily found by visiting our interactive Fish Attractor Map. Each of the seven sites offer more dense cover closest to the buoy as a safe haven for catfish, panfish and smaller bait fish to congregate, while sparser cover surrounds them for predators, such as largemouth bass and crappie.

For the FWC’s Fish Attractor Map, visit, scroll down and select “Freshwater Fishing Sites/Forecasts” then select “Fish Attractors” at the bottom. 

The Lake Walk-In-Water public boat ramp can easily be found by visiting the Florida Boat Ramp Finder at     

For more information on freshwater fishing opportunities in the Southwest Region, call the FWC Regional Office in Lakeland at 863-648-3200.