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IBNB Permitted Monitors

Interested in becoming an IBNB Permitted Monitor and need survey experience?

Enter your contact details to connect with local survey opportunities during the breeding season.

Close up of snowy plover sitting on sandy beach with chick

Imperiled Beach-nesting Bird (IBNB) Permitted Monitors are trained, dedicated individuals with proven shorebird and seabird identification skills and avian survey experience. IBNB Permitted Monitors are qualified to assist FWC Incidental Take Permittees with minimizing and avoiding harm or harassment of imperiled beach-nesting birds (American oystercatchers, snowy plovers, least terns, black skimmers) during project activities.

The FWC Commissioners approved the IBNB Species Conservation Measures and Permitting Guidelines in July 2022. At the October 2023 Commission Meeting, Commissioners approved an effective date delay from September 2023 to October 1, 2024. This delay gives interested individuals time to meet the minimum qualifications for becoming an IBNB Permitted Monitor, including conducting at least three surveys that involve locating and documenting Active Nests of IBNBs.

To become an IBNB Permitted Monitor, individuals must complete all training and experience requirements and apply for and receive a permit from the FWC. 

Step 1: Review Key Reference Materials

Step 2: Take Online Training

  • There are three modules you must complete on the FWC's online training site. Be sure to save the certificate to upload to the permit application.
    • Module 1: Qualifications, Species ID, Nesting Behavior and Habitats.
    • Module 2: Breeding Activity Checks, Monitoring and Reporting Requirements.
    • Module 3: Active Breeding Sites: Posting and Protection.

Step 3: Bird Survey Experience

  • Conduct at least 3 surveys that involve observations of Active Nests of Imperiled Beach-nesting Birds.
  • Enter your contact details in our interest form to connect with local survey opportunities during the breeding season.

Step 4: Apply for Permit

  • The permit application will be available online soon. 

IBNB Permitted Monitors must meet the following minimum qualification:

  1. The IBNB Permitted Monitor must obtain a permit from the FWC. Permits for IBNB Permitted Monitors are valid for 2 years.
  2. The IBNB Permitted Monitor permit application must include the applicant’s previous training and experience surveying breeding beach-nesting birds in Florida. 
    1. Applicants must demonstrate that they have conducted at least three surveys that involved observation of Active Nests of IBNBs.
    2. Applicants also must attest that they are able to:
      1. identify all species of beach-nesting birds that breed in Florida by sight and sound within the region(s) in which the agent will operate (see Species Action Plan for IBNB regions),
      2. identify breeding/territorial behaviors, and find nests of shorebirds and colonies of seabirds,
      3. identify habitats preferred by IBNBs for breeding.
    3. Applicants must attest to being familiar with beach driving best practices outlined in Appendix D of the IBNB Guidelines.
    4. Applicants must attest that they are willing and able to post Active Breeding Sites with Regulatory Boundary Signs and in a manner consistent with the Methods and Materials sections of the Florida Shorebird Alliance Guidelines for Posting Shorebird and Seabird Sites in Florida.
  3. The applicant must agree to follow and must adhere to the IBNB Permitted Monitor Code of Conduct. Failure to adhere to the Code of Conduct is grounds for revocation of the IBNB Permitted Monitor’s permit.
  4. The applicant must possess a Certificate of Completion for IBNB Permitted Monitor Training

IBNB Permitted Monitors have many roles and responsibilities depending on the permitted activity type. Some examples include but are not limited to, conducting Breeding Activity Checks, establishing disturbance-free buffer zones, and conducting education/identification programs with project staff. IBNB Permitted Monitors must read, understand and abide by the applicable conditions in the FWC incidental take permit associated with project activities for which they are providing services. Please refer to the IBNB Guidelines for specific roles and responsibilities associated with different project types.

Permits are valid for 2 years. The permit expiration date will be listed on the permit.

Beginning October 2024, IBNB Permitted Monitors will be required for project activities authorized through an FWC incidental take permit.

For More Information

IBNB Resources Page

Further information on IBNB Permitted Monitor Permits is available in the IBNB Species Conservation Measures and Permitting Guidelines.

Interested in getting experience surveying IBNB Active Nests? Annual shorebird and seabird monitoring in the state is conducted through the Florida Shorebird Alliance partner network. If you are interested in becoming an IBNB Permitted Monitor and would like to gain survey experience with skilled bird monitors in the network, please fill out the interest form.

For other questions, contact a Regional Shorebird Contact.