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Waterfowl Standby Opportunities

Waterfowl Standby Opportunities

Waterfowl Standby Opportunity is used to distribute waterfowl hunting opportunities that are created by hunters who do not show up for morning Stormwater Treatment Area (STA) hunts. Hunters must be issued a Waterfowl Standby Opportunity to be eligible to replace no-show hunters. These standby opportunities will be available weekly via an application and lottery. The following information provides further details on specific information regarding these standby opportunities.

Note: There is no guarantee that a person on a standby list for a given morning hunt will get the opportunity to enter the area to hunt. Standby hunters will replace permitted no-show hunters in order of the random drawing until the quota is met.

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Cost:  $0.00 to apply, $0.00 per standby opportunity.

Requirements to Apply:  Unless exempt, hunters must have a valid Management Area Permit to apply. 

Exemptions:  There are no exemptions for standby opportunities.

Group Applications:  Group applications are not available for standby opportunities.

Preference Points:  There are no preference points for standby opportunities.

Transferability:  These standby opportunities are not transferable.

How to Apply:  Applicants can apply online at (sign on and choose “Apply for Limited Entry/Quota Permit”).

Application and Issuance:  Applicants may submit one application and receive up to one standby opportunity per day (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) during each weekly application period (Saturdays at noon through Tuesdays at noon).

Standby Opportunity Status Notification:  Those issued a standby opportunity will be provided a document with information about their place on the standby list so they can evaluate the likelihood of replacing a no-show hunter. Recipients can access this document by logging into their account.

Guests:  Each standby opportunity holder may bring the designated number of hunt party participants as determined for each STA.

License Requirements to Hunt Waterfowl in Florida:  Unless exempt, those hunting Public Waterfowl Areas must have a valid Hunting License, Florida Waterfowl and Management Area Permits, and a Migratory Bird Permit. All hunters 16 and older must also possess a current Federal Duck Stamp.