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Waterfowl Early Duck

A September Waterfowl Permit is a type of limited entry permit that is required in order to participate in designated early season wood duck and teal waterfowl hunts on Guana River, Ocklawaha Prairie, T.M. Goodwin/Broadmoor Marsh and Stormwater Treatment Areas (STA) Public Waterfowl Areas.  Click the Application Worksheet link at the bottom of this page for specific hunt dates and information.

  • How to Apply:  Hunters can apply online at by signing on and choosing “Apply for Limited Entry/Quota Permit” or by completing an Application Worksheet and presenting it to any license agent or tax collector office.  Each applicant may make up to 10 choices per application in the first two phases, one choice at a time in the third phase, and up to 10 choices per application in the weekly reissue phases.  Choices offered are based on permit availability throughout each phase. 
  • Cost to Apply:  $0.00
  • Requirements to Apply:  Unless exempt, hunters must have a valid Management Area Permit or a license that includes a management area permit in order to apply.  Resident applicants who do not have a Florida driver's license or Florida ID cannot verify residency using the online system, and should instead apply at a license agent or tax collector by showing an alternate proof of residency.
  • Exemptions:  There are no exemptions for September Waterfowl permits.  All hunters must be permitted or a guest of a permittee (see Guest Permits section below). 
  • Restrictions:  One September Waterfowl Permit application is allowed for Phases I and II.  A Phase II application is allowed only if a hunter has not already been awarded a September Waterfowl Permit during Phase I.  Each hunter may obtain five permits cumulatively for this permit type.. 
  • Group Applications:  Group applications are not available for September Waterfowl Permits. 
  • Issuance Method:  September Waterfowl permits are issued by random drawing during Phases I and II.  Leftover permits are issued on a first-come, first-served basis during Phase III. Please review the Returned Permits and Reissued Permits sections below for detailed information on the reissuance of permits.
  • Drawing Results:  In all application phases issued by random drawing, each application is assigned a random number, and the lottery then checks whether the applicants’ choices have quota available.  If an applicant is successful in the drawing, he or she is assigned the permit.  Those applicants who are successful in a drawing who have provided a valid email address will be notified by email. Drawing results are typically posted within three days of the application period closing.  
  • How to Get Your Permit:  If successful in the Phase I or Phase II random drawings, permits can be printed online at no cost or at a license agent or tax collector office for a $2.50 or $2.00 respective fee. Permits issued in Phase III are immediately awarded, and the license agent or tax collector will immediately print the permit one time for no cost. 
  • Guest Permits:  Guest permits are not available for September Waterfowl permits.  Each permit allows the permit holder to hunt, and some permits allow a designated number of hunters to participate in the hunt as indicated on the permit. 
  • Reprints:  Reprints for September Waterfowl Permits are available online at for no cost, or at a license agent or tax collector office for a $2.50 or $2.00 respective fee.
  • Transferability:  September Waterfowl Permits are NOT transferable.
  • Preference Points:  There are no preference points for September Waterfowl permits.
  • Returned Permits:  Hunters unable to use a permit can return it online so the hunt can be reissued to another hunter.  Permits are eligible for Return at 10:00 a.m. Eastern on the first day of Phase III for each given permit type, when a Return link will show next to each permit eligible to be returned.  This link is available up to 10 days prior to the first day of the hunt. 
All returned permits are reflected as they are returned in real time, and show in a separate column in permit availability.  If a permit is returned during the open leftover period and there are other permits available for that same hunt, the returned permit is added instantly to the quota for the current issuance on a first-come, first-served basis.  Any other permits returned are available to apply for by Reissue on a weekly schedule.  For more details on Returns, please view information on returning permits for reissuance.
  • Reissued Permits:  Permits returned through a given Friday are available to apply for weekly, from Saturday at 12:00 p.m. Eastern until Tuesday at 12:00 p.m. Eastern.  Hunters should click on “Apply for Limited Entry/Quota” then click on the "Apply for Reissued Permits" on the following webpage.  One application per permit type may be submitted per customer each week, with up to ten choices per application.  Reissue lottery drawings are conducted on Tuesday afternoons, and the results are posted by 9:30 a.m. Eastern on Wednesdays.  Any permits not assigned in the weekly reissue lottery are then available on a first-come first-served basis at 10 a.m. Eastern.
  • License Requirements to Hunt Waterfowl in Florida:  Unless exempt, those hunting Public Waterfowl Areas must have a valid Hunting License, Florida Waterfowl and Management Area Permits, and a Migratory Bird Permit.  All hunters 16 and older must also possess a current Federal Duck Stamp.  
  • Reporting Requirements:  There are no reporting requirements for September Waterfowl Permits; however, FWC biologists may send out surveys at the conclusion of each season, and appreciate feedback.
  • Important Check Station Information:  Permit holders who do not check in at the check station at T.M. Goodwin/Broadmoor Marsh and the STAs during the required intervals on the hunt date will forfeit their permit, and the permits will then be issued at the check station at 5 a.m. for the morning hunt and 1 p.m. for the afternoon hunt.  No-shows are replaced by walk-ins at the check station via random drawing.  Permit holders who do not attend their hunts at Guana River and Ocklawaha Prairie will not be replaced by walk-ins.

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