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Antlerless Deer

Antlerless deer permits for most wildlife management areas are issued through the quota hunt program. Applicants, including exempt hunters, who submit certain Phase I quota applications will have the option to elect to be included in the public lands Antlerless Deer drawing.

The taking of and seasons for antlerless deer on Wildlife Management Areas are based on specific area regulations, and may require a public lands Antlerless Deer permit. Information regarding Antlerless Deer on private lands can be found on the Antlerless Deer Permits page.

A public lands Antlerless Deer permit allows for the take of one antlerless deer and does count toward your annual bag limit of five deer, two of which can be antlerless.

Cost: $0.00 to apply, $0.00 per permit.

Eligibility: The only hunters eligible for the Antlerless Deer drawing are those who elected to be included in the Antlerless Drawing during the Phase I quota application period and were successful for an area that allows for Antlerless Deer permits, and those who were successful for a Recreational Use Permit or a Special Opportunity permit. All other hunters, including those applying in subsequent application phases, are not eligible to be included in the drawing.

Exempt Hunters: For public lands that require an Antlerless Deer permit, exempt hunters are required to apply during the Phase I quota application period and elect to be included in the Antlerless Deer drawing, and must then be successful in the Antlerless Deer drawing. This is true for both exempt and non-exempt units.

Group Applications: Members of a group quota application will be considered individually in the antlerless deer permit drawing.

Preference Points: There are no preference points for this permit type.

Transferability: These permits are transferrable to hunters who hold a quota permit for the same hunt that the Antlerless Deer permit was awarded.

How to Apply: Applicants who submit a General Gun, Archery, Muzzleloading Gun, Youth, Family, or Mobility-Impaired quota application during the Phase I application period must elect to be included in the Antlerless Deer drawing by selecting “Yes” to the Antlerless Deer drawing question within the application process.

Application and Permit Issuance: Applicants may elect to be included in an Antlerless Deer drawing for each eligible Phase I quota application they submit. Permits are then issued by random drawing based on a WMAs Antlerless Deer permit eligibility, which is determined by area population surveys submitted by area biologists.

Drawing Results: The Antlerless Deer random drawing is typically conducted in early September. Successful applicants who have provided an e-mail address will be notified by e-mail when the drawing is completed.

How to get your permit: Successful applicants will have their permit mailed to the address on file.

Guest permit: Guest permits are not available for this permit type.

Reprints: Permits can only be reprinted by the FWC Office of Licensing and Permitting, upon written request from the permit holder. Please allow at least 10 days to receive the replacement permit in the mail. Receipts, temporary license numbers, and printed copies of Internet pages may not be used as your permit.

Returned Permits: Returns are not available for this permit type.

Permit Availability: After reviewing deer population surveys, biologists will make a recommendation as to which areas and which hunts should receive a limited number of antlerless deer permits. These recommendations will be used to issue Antlerless Deer permits.