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Falconry refers to the practice of caring for, training, and transporting raptors for the pursuit of game and the hunting of game with raptors. A permit is required to possess any raptor for falconry purposes in Florida.

To submit a Falconry Permit application, you must apply online through Go Outdoors Florida.

Before being permitted for falconry, you are required to take the written falconry examination. Resources for studying for the exam can be found below at the Bibliography link. When you are ready to take the exam, please call the FWC Regional Office in your area to make an appointment. You must pass the examination with a score of at least 80 percent before a permit will be issued. 

To be permitted as an apprentice falconer, you must obtain a sponsor falconer, who is willing to take you on as an apprentice for two consecutive years and several thousand hours of documented mentoring. You may apprentice under a general falconer (who has at least 2 years of experience at the general falconry level) or a master falconer.

Once you have passed the exam and have submitted an application, the FWC will assign the nearest Investigator to visit you and make an on-site inspection of your facilities, caging, and other required equipment. More information regarding facility and equipment requirements can be found in Rule 68A-9.005, F.A.C.

As a falconer, you must also possess a valid Florida Hunting License and all other applicable licensing appropriate to the desired hunting activity while hunting with raptors in Florida.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, please contact the Captive Wildlife Office.

Phone: (850) 488-6253
Mail: Captive Wildlife Office, 620 S Meridian Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399