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Furbearer Hunting and Trapping

Commercial furbearer requirements

One must possess a fur dealer’s license ($100.00) to buy or sell meat or fur from furbearing mammals for commercial purposes, or to solicit business by mail or advertising.


Frequently Asked Furbearer Questions

Can I hunt raccoon and opossum at night? Only .22­-caliber rimfire firearms (other than .22-mag­nums) or single-shot .410-gauge shotguns (using shot not larger than size 6) may be used. Hunting raccoons or opossums by displaying or using lights from moving vehicles, vessels or animals is prohibited. It is illegal to transport wild-trapped live raccoons within, into or from the state, except by FWC permit or authorization.

Do I need a permit to hunt coyotes at night? A gun and light at night permit is not required to take coyotes with a gun and light on private lands with landowner permission.

Can I hunt or trap fox? Trapping or shooting foxes is prohibited, but foxes may be chased with dogs year round. Foxes or untanned fox pelts may not be possessed, except by permit from FWC. A permit is not required to have a road-killed fox mounted by a taxidermist.

May I sell meat and/or skins from furbearers?  Yes, but only if you possess a furbearer trapping license. Here is a list of licenses.

Where can I sell my furs?  Contact the Florida Trapper’s Association, North American Fur Auctions or Fur Harvesters Auction for information.

May nuisance trappers sell skins (including fox skins)? Yes, but only with possession of a furbearer trapping license. Additionally, if the animal was taken with a steel trap, you must present a copy of the steel trap permit to the fur buyer or dealer for their records. See our steel trap page for more details.

May I use dog-proof raccoon traps?  These traps are considered steel leg-hold traps and are prohibited for recreational trappers. Nuisance trappers can apply for a steel trap permit to use these traps.

Are power-activated snares legal?  Yes. A power-activated snare is defined as a snare on which the loop closure (speed or direction) is initiated or augmented by some type of powering device (e.g. a spring).

Are cage (swim-in) traps legal for otters?  Yes, as long as they are set so that the otters have access to air to prevent them from drowning.

Do I need a CITES tag?  CITES tags need to be attached to any bobcat and otter pelt that leave Florida and immediately upon purchase if they are sold. Hunters may possess 1 untanned bobcat and otter pelt without a CITES tag. Any additional pelts must have a CITES tag. There are no possession limits for trappers; however, possession of untanned pelts of either species is prohibited between April 1 and Nov. 30, unless pelt has a CITES tag. CITES tags can be obtained by calling 850-488-5878.

Is a hunting license also required in addition to the trapping license when trapping furbearers?  No, only the $26.50 trapping license is needed.