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Manatee and Sea Turtle Decals

Decals look awesome and do great things for manatees and sea turtles!

Your kayak, paddleboard, surfboard, canoe, motor boat or personal watercraft would look awesome with a manatee or sea turtle decal! The decals also look cool on vehicles, laptops, notebooks, in frames or wherever you decide to display them. Best of all, your $5 decal donation helps conserve manatees and sea turtles for future generations. Long may they swim through Florida waters!

“Observe with Care” decal

This decal shows an adult manatee and calf swimming above a bed of sea grass. In the 1960s, legendary wildlife researcher Jacques-Yves Cousteau helped to raise awareness about Florida manatees worldwide. Today, you can continue this legacy of manatee conservation by always using caution when boating, enjoying these amazing animals from a distance and encouraging your friends and family to do the same.

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2020-2021 "Observe With Care" decal by Mike Hunter, FWC.

“Protect Florida Sea Turtles” decal

This decal features a close-up photo of a loggerhead hatchling. There are many ways that you can help protect sea turtles, including keeping the beach dark by not using lights or lit cell phones at night.  Also, “clear the way at the end of the day” - when you leave the beach after a day of fun, always make sure to fill in any holes, pick up trash, and put away toys and furniture. It can make a big difference for sea turtles! 

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Where to get your decals

Every July, the FWC introduces new manatee and sea turtle decals available with a $5 donation. The waterproof decals are designed to look good on a vehicle’s bumper or the side of a boat. Get them when registering or re-registering a vehicle or boat through local tax collectors’ offices across the state.

Vintage manatee and sea turtle decals from 1992 through 2019 are also available.