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Manatee and Sea Turtle Decals

Decals look awesome and do great things for manatees and sea turtles!

Your kayak, paddleboard, surfboard, canoe, motor boat or personal watercraft would look awesome with a manatee or sea turtle decal! The decals also look cool on vehicles, laptops, notebooks, in frames or wherever you decide to display them. Best of all, your $5 decal donation helps conserve manatees and sea turtles for future generations. Long may they swim through Florida waters!

“Warm Water Saves Manatees” decal

This decal shows several manatees gathering in a spring. Florida manatees require warm-water refuges to survive the winter months. Manatees cannot endure water temperatures below 68 degrees, so warm waters are critical for their survival.

2019-2020 Sea Turtle Decal

“Keep on Swimming” sea turtle decal

This decal shows a Kemp’s ridley hatchling. Kemp’s ridleys are the world’s rarest sea turtle. They rarely nest in Florida, but many of them spend most of their lives in Florida waters. Marine debris can have a big impact on Florida’s sea turtles, so make a difference by keeping our beaches clean.

Where to get your decals

Every July, the FWC introduces new manatee and sea turtle decals available with a $5 donation. The waterproof decals are designed to look good on a vehicle’s bumper or the side of a boat. Get them when registering or re-registering a vehicle or boat through local tax collectors’ offices across the state.

Vintage manatee and sea turtle decals from 1992 through 2018 are also available.