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Florida Certified/Sworn Law Enforcement Application Process

Step-by-step process for certified/sworn applicants

  • Complete a State of Florida application and an FWC supplemental application at the People First website. NOTE: out-of-state certified/sworn law enforcement officers must become Florida certified before beginning this process. Find more information at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement website.
  • Successfully complete:
    • Physical Abilities Test.
    • Oral interview by a review panel at the FWC Law Enforcement Training Center, which is located at the Florida Public Safety Institute near Tallahassee.
    • Background investigation, if applicant is selected by the oral review panel.
    • Vision and psychological evaluation.
    • Physical exam, including a seven-panel drug screening.
  • Selected applicants are offered employment and given a date to report to the FWC Law Enforcement Training Center to complete FWC specific training, which lasts up to 10 weeks. This specialized training includes:
    • Fish and wildlife conservation laws
    • Land navigation & GPS
    • Federal fisheries law enforcement
    • Species identification (marine and wildlife)
    • Vessel accident investigation
    • Water safety survival
    • Man-tracking
    • Commercial fishing
    • Vessel operation
  • Officers who complete the FWC specific training report to their new assignment location and must participate in a 16-week Field Training Officer Program to learn more about the requirements of conservation law enforcement.
  • Upon successful completion of the Field Training Officer Program, approval is given to carry out the daily duties of an FWC law enforcement officer.