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The FWC welcomes comments on any species, even those not featured on this page, at any time via the comment form below, email at or phone at 850-487-0554.

The following topics are either tentatively slated to be brought before the Commission in the near future or items FWC staff plan to begin working on.

This is not an all-encompassing list and topics may be moved to a later date or not discussed at all.

Visit the Commission meeting agenda page to see what FWC staff will be presenting to the Commission at an upcoming meeting.

Public Workshops

Share your input in person by attending a public workshop.

Commission Meeting Topics

The Biscayne National Park (BNP) Fishery Management Plan (FMP), which was developed jointly by the FWC and the National Park Service, includes a goal of increasing the size and abundance of fishery species in BNP by 20%. FWC is requesting feedback on the status of BNP fisheries and input on potential rule changes that could help achieve the goals of the FMP.

Potential changes FWC is gathering input on include: 

  • Modified size and bag limits
  • Spearfishing: Limits on SCUBA or trigger mechanisms
  • Coral reef protection areas
  • Trap free zone north and east of park area
  • No-trawl zone
  • Elimination of lobster mini-season

Learn more:

October Commission meeting news release

October 2019 Commission Summary Memo

July 2019 Commission Meeting Presentation

Fishery Management Plan

BNP Science Plan

BNP Workshop Presentation

BNP Workshop VIDEO

Summary of the Biscayne National Park (BNP)
Fishery Management Plan (FMP)

Proposed Trapping and Trawling Regulations for Biscayne National Park (BNP)


Staff have heard concerns about spotted seatrout in recent years and is collecting public input on this fishery. At its meeting in Cape Canaveral, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) approved several draft rule changes for spotted seatrout. Based on public comment at the meeting, the Commission also directed staff to continue considering public input and update the proposal as needed prior to bringing this back at a future meeting for final approval.

View October Commission Meeting News Release

View the October Commission Meeting presentation

Future Topics

FWC is collecting feedback on Florida’s flounder fishery. If you fish for this species, we’d like to know more about:

  • Your thoughts on how these fisheries are doing – compared to the past and/or compared to other fisheries
  • Your thoughts on current management of these species

Read a presentation on this topic 

The FWC will be reviewing several trap fisheries in the upcoming year including spiny lobster, blue crab, stone crab, pinfish/baitfish, lionfish traps, trap retrieval, recreational trap fisheries, and traps used for shellfish aquaculture leases. Workshops scheduled for May. View workshop presentation 

Staff has been hearing concerns about the status of various fisheries in Charlotte Harbor and is gathering feedback on the fisheries in that area.

Recreational bag limit and season regulations for blueline tilefish and snowy grouper are different in Florida’s Atlantic state and federal waters.  Atlantic blueline tilefish has experienced overfishing in recent years.  There is a federal rebuilding plan for Atlantic snowy grouper, which has been overfished since the early 1980s.  The federal quotas for both species are small and harvest of these fish in state waters counts against their federal quotas.  Thus, harvest from Florida state waters may contribute to in-season closures in federal waters. 

FWC is gathering public input on aligning recreational regulations in Atlantic state waters with those in federal waters:

  • Including blueline tilefish in the three-fish grouper aggregate recreational bag limit.  Blueline tilefish currently fall under the default recreational bag limit of 100 pounds in state waters.
  • Reducing the snowy grouper recreational bag limit from one fish per person to one fish per vessel, within the three-fish grouper aggregate. 
  • Setting a recreational season for blueline tilefish and snowy grouper in state waters.  Currently, these species are open year round in Atlantic state waters.  The current federal season for blueline tilefish and snowy grouper recreational harvest is May 1 – August 31.


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