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Saltwater Public Comments

The FWC welcomes comments on any species, even those not featured on this page, at any time via the comment form below, email at or phone at 850-487-0554.

The following topics are either tentatively slated to be brought before the Commission in the near future or items FWC staff plan to begin working on.

This is not an all-encompassing list and topics may be moved to a later date or not discussed at all.

Visit the Commission meeting agenda page to see what FWC staff will be presenting to the Commission at an upcoming meeting.

Public Workshops

Share your input in person by attending a public workshop.

Future Commission Meeting Items

FWC is using a new management approach for redfish that includes a review of several environmental and human factors that affect the redfish fishery on a local scale. To implement this approach, the FWC is proposing to establish 9 management regions and setting regulations based on the status of the fishery within each region. Staff presented their evaluation of the redfish fishery to the Commission, and are considering the following regulation changes for final rule:

  • Modifying the redfish management regions
  • Prohibiting captain and crew from retaining a bag limit when on a for-hire trip
  • Reducing the off-the-water transport limit from 6 to 4 fish per person
  • Increasing the bag limit for the Big Bend region from 1 to 2 fish per person
  • Reducing the 8-fish vessel limit in each of the proposed management regions:
    • Panhandle, Big Bend, Northeast: 4 fish
    • Tampa Bay, Sarasota Bay, Charlotte Harbor, Southwest, Southeast: 2 fish
  • Only allowing catch-and-release fishing for redfish in the Indian River Lagoon region

We would like your feedback on the proposed rule amendments. Public workshops will be held in June 2022, before the Final Rule Hearing at FWC’s July Commission meeting.

Comment on this item below using the commenting form.

FWC wants your feedback on potential options to reduce impact of catch-and-release fishing on goliath grouper at spawning aggregation sites and address some concerns raised by the southeast Florida dive community.

Commissioners directed staff to explore potential gear restrictions at these sites. Staff are currently proposing a prohibition on the possession and use of handlines within 1,000 feet of 11 potential spawning aggregation sites in Atlantic state waters. For more information, please review the goliath grouper presentation from the March 2022 Commission meeting (slides 14-16).

Staff will present the proposed rule at FWC’s upcoming Commission meeting in July and would like your input on the current recommendation to prohibit handlining at these sites as well as any other gear restriction options (e.g., electric reels), aggregation sites, or other alternatives.

Comment on this item using the form below.

Other topics

The FWC will be reviewing several trap fisheries in the upcoming year including spiny lobster, blue crab, pinfish/baitfish, trap retrieval, recreational trap fisheries, and traps used for shellfish aquaculture leases. 

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