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Regulations Gulf and Atlantic State Waters

Striped Mullet

Regulations apply to Mugil cephalus (striped mullet), Mugil curema (silver or white mullet), Mugil gyrans (fantail mullet) and Mugil gaimardianus (redeye mullet). 

Minimum Size Limit: None

Daily Bag Limit: 50 fish per person

Daily Vessel Limit: 50 fish from Sept. 1-Jan. 31; 100 fish from Feb. 1-Aug. 31

Season: Open year-round

Note: More restrictive seasonal bag limits apply to portions of Pinellas County, and seasonal night closures apply in portions of Charlotte County. Florida Rule 

Gear Requirements:

  • Legal Gear: hook and line, spears, gigs, seine, cast net
  • Prohibitions: spearfishing mullet in fresh water prohibited

Image Credit:Diane Rome Peebles