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Hogfish measurements


Gulf State Waters

Minimum Size Limit: 14" fork length

Daily Bag Limit: 5 per harvester

Season: Open year-round

Atlantic State Waters

(includes all state and federal waters south of Cape Sable, including the Florida Keys)

Minimum Size Limit: 16" fork length

Daily Bag Limit: 1 per harvester

Season: Open May 1-Oct. 31

Other Regulations

Hog fish map

Gear Requirements:

  • Legal Gear: spears, gigs, hook and line, seine, cast net

Federal waters:

Gulf federal waters north of Cape Sable: Open year-round, 14-inch minimum size limit, 5-fish/person recreational bag limit. 

Atlantic federal waters: Open May 1-Oct. 31 annually. 16-inch minimum size limit, 1-fish/person recreational bag limit.

Image Credit:Diane Rome Peebles